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on 2020-06-01
My character Huntra made by Saikkunen

Welcome to my blog! Here I ramble about gamedev and programming.

I am a Finnish guy in my late 20s and I work as a design engineer in my day job. But on my free time I make games and play them!

When it comes to politics, I try to avoid it all as well as I can (online, offline I am way more active!), except on FOSS and privacy matters I will probably be a bit louder.

In short: Do good, be good to others, share good, fun and useful things. That's all I try to be.

Links to my things:

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Also, if you want to email me, whatever it may be (just be nice or i'll cry), here's my address akselmo@akselmo.dev.


Here's links to my friends sites!

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I may not agree with all the opinions expressed on the webrings, but there are many cool sites to explore through. The creativity people have is amazing!



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