Family of free and friendly open source software

on 2024-05-02

Or FOFAFOSS. Rolls right off your tongue.

Like in many families, there's always a bit of.. turmoil and drama in FOSS. Something breaks (either on purpose or by accident), people get frustrated.. The usual. It is kind of to be expected when it comes to very social projects, like let's say, Linux desktop environments.

People have their own visions and ways to see things. They often clash. That's normal. It's quite human. I do like to think that Linux desktop environments especially are like siblings that have rivalries.

But we got to remember that it's not "us vs them" here. We don't have the resources to fight each other. We need to work together even with our incompatible visions sometimes. Otherwise things will keep fracturing and get even worse.. And nobody gains from that. Well, except the proprietary platforms. :P

In the end we all want to make good software for everyone to use and enjoy. Let's help each other to do that as well as we can.

Nothing wrong with "Oh you made that? Well watch this!" type of friendly rivalry however, it keeps us doing what we do best. :)

I just wanted to write this down as somekind of reminder that we got to remember to work together if we want to succeed. Even when frustrated.

And no I am not any high and mighty person to really say this, I have had my own share of frustrations and quips. This post serves also as a reminder for myself.

So let's try to work together as well as we can.