I got laid off from work...

on 2023-10-10

Looking for work!

Hello, today I got laid off from my current workplace. I used to be a test automation engineer but I also worked on Windows application with C#.

So, I am looking for new programming and development job!

I am very interested and passionate about Linux, and I am quite good in test automation. I have been test automating embedded and mobile devices with Python, using custom solutions, Robot Framework and Appium/Selenium.

I am also a KDE application and Plasma developer (as you may know, if you're reading this post on KDE Planet). I've mostly contributed to Kate and Breeze. I'm still somewhat new in C++ and Qt, but I don't mind learning more.

I also create games as a hobby, currently working on a game made with C and Raylib. Before I've used Unity and C# for games for roughly ten years.

All in all, I am quite good allrounder but shine especially when working with Linux, be it programming software or creating test automation systems.

I live in Finland and I am fine with full remote work. If you're interested, feel free to mail me at: akselmo@akselmo.dev

Other thoughts about the thing

Kinda rough, you know. To be burnt out, then finally heal and go back to work... Only find out that you are being laid off.

I miss my coworkers a lot and it makes me sad. They were great.

Now I will have to just.. Let myself go through all my emotions. Try to relax a bit. Basically continue that sickleave I was in..

But anyway. I am not too worried. But I am frustrated and sad.

This was my first "change negotiation" ever... And it ended up with me leaving. There was no specific reason, just.. Money.

This too shall pass. I'll keep at it.

Anyone else in similar situation, you have my sympathies.

Thanks for reading.