My game was illegally uploaded on Steam

on 2023-03-08

Quick post for this time.

Seems my game, Penance has been uploaded on Steam by someone who I don't know, completely without my permission. They're selling my free game and of course I'm not gonna get any money from their sales.

If you stumble on this game outside of this page: then it's not uploaded by me! It's also very likely those illegal copies are also bundled with malware.

I have done a DMCA claim for the game already.

I'm not going to link the fake link here just in case, but it's easy to find if you're curious.

Just know that all my games are on and all the other possible "copies" are fake and not by me. If I make a Steam page for any of my games in future, you will be let know by my Fediverse account and/or this blog.

This also serves as a PSA for fellow gamedevs: Check if your game has been uploaded into some places without your permission! Especially on Steam! I didn't expect this to happen since uploading on Steam costs money, but someone uploaded it anyway without any permission.

Stay safe out there.