Why I don't like ads

on 2023-07-01

It's common to dislike ads. They're annoying for many.

I recommend anyone to use an adblocker whenever they can. Despite ads being annoying, they're also bad for your privacy. Blocking them helps avoiding annoyance and keeping your privacy a bit more in better shape.

Addictive and predatory nature of advertisement is harmful. Especially so when it's not a product being advertised, but some dangerous ideological movement.

Anyhow, I am not trying to be all "but it's worse for me!" here, but ads really hinder me.

Ads are not accessible.

By accessibility I do not mean "I can't click/read them." But they give me discomfort, more than many other things.

I have very likely some sort of misophonia and misokinesia.

Misophonia is basically finding some sounds really frustrating and annoying. Some people have it worse than others. Mine is not that bad, luckily. But some sounds like specific voices do tick me off. But I can live with that.

Misokinesia is finding certain movements frustrating and annoying. This is what is my problem here with ads.

Ads have a lot of things going on to grab your attention. They're there to get addicted and interested in the Thing they're selling. You know, the usual.

For me, the movements are always very frustrating. Slap annoying music and talk over there, and I'm seething like after bad match of Quake.

It's not regular "ugh." frustration. It's really passionate frustration. Instead of "ugh" its "urrrrrghhhhhhhhhhh go awayyyyyyy" frustration.

Basically I get a sensory overload easily from them, I don't know what to do with that and act all dumb.

Sure, for advertisers this may be fine, any publicity is good publicity or whatever.

But for me it's bad. So I block them all.

Bonus is avoiding all the privacy issues and nasty tracking that comes with them.

But there's the accessibility side as well. I never really realised it before but I've been noticing it more and more lately. I've been told how it's funky how angry I get about ads. Like more than a normal person.

So I guess that's what I just wanted to put out there.

The ads that bounce around and move and make silly sounds and whatever. I am not going to buy your product. I am actively going to avoid it.

Ads that are just still images are the best ones. I may even click them if I find them interesting. However due to ads being so prevalent and mostly inaccessible, I just block them all so I don't see these either.

Basically, I do not block ads to "deprive" anyone their money. I block them to avoid being legitimately angry all the time.

It's also why I'm thankful for being able to disable automatic gif playing etc. in chat applications and such. Those also frustrate me.

Why am I talking about this? I dunno, felt like sharing that there's this kind of side to whole adblocking thing too. Like not doing it out of "haha fuk ur money revenue" but legitimately wanting to just avoid being angry.

Thanks for reading. I do not expect understanding, but I doubt I'm alone with this.