Why I will likely never use AI programming tools

on 2023-06-16

I actually like writing code.

That's really it.

If I didn't, I still wouldn't use it due to the ethical/copyright issues, but I don't even have to think that far: I just like writing code.

Why would I give something I like to a robot?

I don't even mind writing boilerplate! I guess I am somekind of monster.

But the act of thinking and figuring out a problem, solving it, writing some code, fixing bugs...

Especially creating complex systems that interact with each other, with a lot of moving parts! (Hi, gamedev)

It's fun to me.

So, nah. Keep your "AI" tools. I'm fine like this. If this makes me boring/slow/outdated/uncool, so be it.

I'll still be here, writing code.

And I do it with a smilSegmentation fault (core dumped)